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We demonstrate wood-turning in the Blue Mountains and beyond, for example, at the annual Working with Wood Show in Sydney and at other shows put on by local charities and community groups.

Woodturning Lessons

We run friendly, small-group classes that cover traditional tool techniques, sharpening, classical forms and creative design. Those who have never picked up a tool are welcome but we also cater for intermediate and advanced turners.

Visit our Lessons page for more information.

Monthly Meetings

Our monthly meetings are always well attended and provide an excellent forum for demonstrations and discussions on all topics relating to wooturning. There's the opportunity to pick up different techniques and observe some more experienced turners showing their skills.

Some of the internationally renowned demonstrators who have demonstrated at our meetings include:


Emmet Kane (Ireland), Remi Verchot (France),

Len Hill (Canada), Mike Darlow (Australia),

George Hatfield (Australia), Ernie Newman (Australia) and Graeme Priddle (New Zealand)

Mark Sfirri (USA), Lindsay Skinner (Australia),

Derek Weidman (USA), Irene Grafert (Denmark), Annette Barlow (Australia), Mike Lee, (USA), Andi Wolfe (USA), Gary Sanders (USA), Alain Mailland (France), Stephen Hughes (Australia), Gordon Ward (Australia), Terry Baker (Australia), Terry Martin (Australia), Lois Green (Australia), Mike Scott (Australia and Wales), Vaughan Richmond (Australia), Glenn Roberts (Australia), Andy Schmidt (Australia), Carolyn McCully (Australia)

Toy and Chess Set Making

We support several local children's charity groups with our annual Christmas toy making drives. In our first year we donated about 500 spinning tops and in 2001 we gave the Salvos well over 150 hand made wooden toys. This has continued each year for other charities as well. Large chess sets have been made and donated to some local public schools.


We have the occasional outing to places of interest.

e.g. The Working with Wood Show

Major and Minor Projects

Each year we try to challenge ourselves by designing and producing interesting projects that help to advertise our club and showcase our skills.

Community involvement

We visit schools, demonstrate at community fairs and markets and produce toys and other woodwork for local charities.

Show and Tell
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Wooden Toys
Wooden Chess Set
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